Someone once told me that numbers matter so much to God that the Bible has a whole book named "Numbers".  Of course, the Bible teaches us that God favors humility and always starts small, so our fascination with big numbers and big results can be spiritually harmful.  Still, in church life, it's a good thing to report good numbers when God is moving in people's lives.

Here's a number worth celebrating: 50!  We had 50 people join our church from Easter to Pentecost.  Furthermore, Bishop Graves gave Geoffrey Lentz, Jay Cooper and me the chance to share at Annual Conference that we had challenged churches in Alabama-West Florida to join the 50 Challenge and that 29 of them followed through, collectively reporting that 791 people joined their churches.

Here's another 50:  we had around 50 children at Vacation Bible School!  Thanks to everyone who make it such a success!

Another number: 18 teenagers have gone to Youth Camp at Blue Lake.

All these numbers are signs that God is not done with us yet, that he is still blessing our church and that his hand is upon us to help people come to know him and grow in him.  As I now begin my seventh year as your pastor, more than ever, I believe the best days of our great church are in front of us!

Grace and peace, 

Pastor Nathan