Living Easter

Each year, we take a day to remember the greatest of all miracles, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  Each year, we also celebrate a season of Easter.  We do these things not only because of the one thing that happened at one time. We do these things because we celebrate what they mean to us in all times.  We have a major celebration during the day and the season because God is always making things new through the same power of the Holy Spirit who raised Christ from the dead working in us every day.

Sometimes those miracles show up in a new direction in our lives - recently, our children's minister, Marisa Mayes, preached her first sermon.  It was a sign of a new beginning in her life, one that anticipates many lives who will be transformed through her life of service to the Gospel.  Sometimes, Easter shows up in a changed community, such as the new birth that has come in our city as we emerged from the ashes of hurricane and pandemic to new growth and revitalization.  Sometimes, Easter comes in a church, such as the renewed spirituality we are experiencing in our groups, classes, through new members, growing ministries to young people, and through our shared effort to reopen a closed church in Cottondale.

Not everyone has an Easter mindset.  Many people are stuck on the old world and are locked in negativity and anxiety because the old, pre-Easter world pretends it owns the future.  May we constantly keep our eyes on what has been done and live into what he is doing so that we may partner with him in the future he is bringing among us.

Grace and peace, 

Pastor Nathan