Is There More to Life than This?

This January, we began using the ALPHA Course during Wednesday Night

Live.  It's a 13-week exploration of the basics of the Christian faith based on simple questions such as: "Why did Jesus have to die?" and "What about the Bible?"

The first question is an important question, one we often suppress in our hearts:  "Is there more to life than this?"  Do you ever wrestle with that question?  Do you ever think about your job, your activities, your choices and wonder, "Is this all there is?"  "This can't be all, is it?"  We've all faced that nagging sense, and we've all found ways to keep ourselves busy and distracted, to keep those questions pushed down.

The good news is that Jesus Christ lived and died so that we might "have life, and life more abundant."  ALPHA is a great way to wrestle with the big questions.  This Epiphany season, we've also been asking ourselves about deep issues like our identity in Christ, our calling as believers, the susbstance of our living, our vocation.

I encourage you to wrestle with these hard questions.  A New Year is a good time for a New You.  February transitions us from Epiphany to Lent, from Christ's baptism to Christ's temptation, from God identifying us as beloved and called, to God drawing us away to himself to search our hearts and give us courage to live as fully as God intended.

I'm blessed to take the journey with you!

Your affectionate friend and brother,

Pastor Nathan