Marianna First Children

Children dismissed for Children's Church from Sunday Service after Children's Moment

Children's Sunday School 10:15 am

FUMC Kids Wednesday after school until 5;15 - supper provided

We strive to provide children's programming that is safe, simple, fun and clean.  Ultimately, our goal is to secure the truth of the Lord's never-ending love for each child deep into the core of their being and also instill a love for Jesus in each child's heart.  Our programs explore the truths of the Bible while tying those truths to fun activities, giving children a safe place to ask questions and grow in their faith, while not forgetting that they are children who need wholesome outlets for their creativity and energy, supervised by adults who love them unconditionally.

From the Children's Coordinator

We continue to have great participation in Children's Church, Sunday School and FUMC Kids.  Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who make it happen, our children are growing in their knowledge of and love for the Lord.  We were hit hard by the loss of one of our favorite volunteers, Karen Hendrickson, recently.  Her sweet demeanor and fun-loving personality were the perfect match for our rambunctious younger boys' group on Wednesdays.  It will be a while before Wednesday afternoons seem "right", as her absence each week will remind us of heaven's gain.  Even in our grief, we are gearing up for an exciting and busy fall season.  The annual Fall Festival was on November 3rd and was the more fun this year!!  Our annual shopping trip for Toys for Tots will be on the 20th.  We have purchased more Bibles for the Third Grade Bible Presentation on November 24th than in any year since I joined the staff, and that is EXCITING, isn't it?  The children will start practicing their Christmas play soon and the play will be performed during dinner on Wednesday December 4th.  If your kids or grandkids would like to join in the fun, BRING THEM!!  We can always use volunteers!!!  If you would like more information, contact Lisa!