Hero Hotline VBS 2023



Wednesday Programs

Kid’s Zone continues to be the place you want to be if you love Jesus and want to have a blast learning about Him! Our “If You Wanna Be a Hero” Fall theme has come to an end and now we are rehearsing for our Children’s Christmas

Musical, Sing We Now of Christmas which will be Wednesday, December 13th. This is a very fun and special tradition and the more children that want to participate, the better! Please also take note that the Marianna Christmas Parade is December 1, 2023. Have your child watch from the church so they can get a cup of hot cocoa from Pastor Lauren!  

Lastly, I want to thank the volunteers who make our children’s ministries possible. Thank you to ladies like Janie Nolen, Susan Wise, Shawna Attwood and so many more who love and serve FUMC Kids! It’s going to be a fun holiday season.

With the love of Christ,

Pastor Lauren Cowan

Marianna First Children's Ministry

Children dismissed for Children's Church from Sunday Service after Children's Moment

Children's Sunday School 10:15 am

FUMC Kids Wednesday after school until 5;15 - supper provided

We strive to provide children's programming that is safe, simple, fun and clean. Ultimately, our goal is to secure the truth of the Lord's never-ending love for each child deep into the core of their being and also instill a love for Jesus in each child's heart. Our programs explore the truths of the Bible while tying those truths to fun activities, giving children a safe place to ask questions and grow in their faith, while not forgetting that they are children who need wholesome outlets for their creativity and energy, supervised by adults who love them unconditionally.