Last year, we asked the Lord to add 50 new members to our congregation during the 50 days between Easter and Pentecost.  God answered our prayer!  Exactly 50 people joined our church!  They came in every way imaginable - profession of faith, transfer from other denominations or United Methodist Churches, restored membership, confirmation, baptism of babies and adults.  We had new residents, people who had no church, online worshipers, folks who have attended for years but never joined.  YOU invited these folks, shared your faith with them and provided hospitality and welcome.  YOU prayed them in!  Thank you!

Let's do it again!  Our community is full of people who need to know Jesus loves them and need the support and nurture of a caring fellowship of Christians.  Let's begin praying NOW for these folks and let's ask the Lord to show us opportunities to reach out and invite!